Zespol Szkol nr 1 III LO w Suwalkach



Zespol Szkol nr 1 w Suwalkach III Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace z Oddzialami Dwujezycznymi im. Alfreda Litynskiego w Suwalkac is a  leading secondary school in the region that runs bilingual program with major subject: biology, ath, geography, where the lessons re run partly in English. The number of teachers: 52, the number of students : 613.

The school is active and has been involved in various European projects within EU grants, among others, eTwinning, Erasmus Plus, Polish Lithaunian Student Exchange, Norwegian Grants. The policy of the school is to develop interest of the world  in young European citizens, enforce the understanding of cultural diversity, tolerance towards independence of individual, freedom of speech and maintain national identity.The motto of the school is Tempus Nostrum est which means Time is Ours. The school focuses on bilingual course with major subjects: biology, chemistry, math, geography.

 The biology program is the most popular ones and the school is one of the leaders in preparing young people to work in such branches as: medicine, dentistry , veterinary as well as biotechnology. A great number of  graduates choose medical academies and faculties that are biology - related. The students are actively involved in a number of national and international activites connected with ecology and biology. Every year the students are Biology Olympiads finalists or winners on regional or national level.The laureates of the National Biology contests include:2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019. The winner of the 31st  National Ecology Olympiad - 2017. Thanks to the awards the students were granted the access to become students of  medical academies in Poland. The school organised a number of biology and ecology -related activities including workshops in Wigry National Park ( with cooperation with researchers from the Park): What lives in the Lake, The Peatbor close-up, What can be found in the Forest. The teachers organize annual seminars related to ecology eg. The Power of Water,The Earth Day, which are held in the school and are prepared in cooperation with local institutions i.e. Wigry National Park, Suwalki Landscape Park, The State Higher Vocational School The students participate in scientific conferences, seminars and workshops in cooperation with major Polish universities and academies i. e Medical Academy in Białystok, Medical Academy in Warsaw, University in Bialystok, Warmia Mazury University in Olsztyn. Currently the students are running eTwinning project: Eco-Logically and Trendy,  which deals with the issue of clothes contribution to the global waste production.



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