Vasil Levski Comprehensive School



Vasil Levski Comprehensive school , Troyan is an educational institution with a hundred-year-old history, presently hosting 887 students, divided into 38 specialty classes from the 1st through the 12th grades. With its numerous successes in the areas of linguistic, natural scientific, humanitarian and professional educations, it has established itself as the leading educational institution in the Lovech region, having an effective management and an European vision.

The teachers working in Vasil Levski Comprehensive School are highly qualified in their fields and motivate all of their students to work on their personal education and development actively. As teachers, they tirelessly aim to enrich, expand and perfect their own knowledge and skills, in order to successfully integrate innovative pedagogical methods in their curriculum. Additionally, they aim to increase their digital technology competences, in order to gain more confidence and freedom when utilizing various web tools in their curriculum and project work.All the efforts in the organization of extracurricular activities and the encouragement of students’ creative, intellectual and physical development, with conformity to educational standards and personal care for each student’s abilities, talents and interests, made by the management and teachers from the school are aimed at creating the best educational conditions possible for all their students.

The school’s technical equipment was updated in the period of 2010 through 2019 allowing the usage of educational applications and multimedia in the educational process and the creation of an IT system for the parents. From 2010 our school is a member of the Bulgarian Cambridge schools’ association, and from 2015 - the Bulgarian Pearson Longman schools’ community. From 2014, the school is a partnered with the Microsoft IT Academy. Since 2018 the school is innovative school with STEM and IT learning classes. Our students often pursue careers in IT, and they are participant in IT Olympics, we hope to use this project to help them establish better connection betwen IT and STEM.

The team of teachers in Vasil Levski Comprehensive School, Troyan is opened to the idea of partnering and doing collaborative work with parents, local community representatives and colleagues from local and foreign institutions. The teachers and students actively participate in the development of various educational projects and have achieved significant results whilst participating in numerous eTwinning, “Comenius“ and “Erasmus+“ projects.The students have the ability to communicate, collaborate and exchange ideas with peers from various European countries.Our team of teachers is members of the eTwinning community and the school has participating in various successful projects. The person in charge of the project is Bulgarian eTwinning ambassador and has experience of Comenius projects and Erasmus+ KA2 project at her previous school, as the coordinator of the projects.



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