Our Turkish partners made something special for us. We hope that this situation ends soon, so that we can travel and meet with our friends.

Till that time we are going to enjoy this scenes.





Presented science paper inspired by the project "From game to STEM"
Teachers of the Gimnazija Zajecar, Dragana Sekulic Pilipovic and Mladen Sljivovic, presented their science papers at the international conference "Gifted and the environment - family, educational, business" organized by MENSA Serbia from September 24 to 26 in Belgrade.
Both teachers sign the science paper "Treasure Hunt - Developing 21st Century Skills in International Teams through Erasmus + Projects".
The starting point for this work was the project "From game to STEM", in which the Gymnasium participates as a coordinator of project .
During 13th-15th October 2021 we celebrated Erasmus Days in IES Santísima Trinidad, with the aim of spreading the word about our Erasmus+ Projects. Students had the chance to get to know about FROM GAME TO STEM, and about the partner countries, thanks to games such as Trivia, "guess where the song comes from", or "link the celebrity to the country".
We had the chance to inform the students about the upcoming selection processes, and it was a success in participation.
LTT in Turkey (6.2-12.2.2022.)
The long-awaited mobility within the project has finally begun. Teams from all participating countries are moving to Manavgat.
First day of mobility
Today was a day of getting to know and socializing with other participants in the project. At the beginning, there was  opening session and presentations of all participants.


In the afternoon we had a trip to the waterfall and Side Ancient City. Side Ancient City is a historical and touristic area that attracts everyone visiting Side region. Side, besides its magnificent natural beauty, is a history and culture city which hosted many civilizations and it still carries the traces of these civilizations.  Side Ancient City is the first known metropolis of history with aqueducts, agora, fountains, monuments, schools, temples, places of worship, bath, hospital and amphitheatre. The city, which lived during the Greeks, Lydians, Persians, Romans, Seljuks and Ottomans, is known as a trade and port city.

We have seen Side Ancient Theater, Nymphaeum Monumental Fountain, Side Museum, Athena and Apollon Temple. We have spent beautiful moments hanging out with new friends and we are ready for the hard work that awaits us tomorrow.

The statement of our host Onur Arslan:



Second day of mobility


The second day of mobility in Turkey was spent in a working atmosphere. We had two workshops: Arduino and 3D Design and Pint. The students did the following lessons from Arduino: How do traffic lights work?,  Knight Rider circuit, Simple piano making using a buzzer, and Joystick making. From 3D Design and Pint they did: 3D design with Tinkercad, 3D printing of the designs made and Voltage measurement, soldering with a soldering iron, wiring, breadboard and jumper cable use.

The teachers discussed their impressions during the past days at the meeting, and everyone agreed that the organization is excellent, that the lessons are interesting for the students and that they are happy to solve tasks. Teacher Wojciech said that it is interesting for the students that when they writing a program, they can immediately see the result of their work and his application.

Statement of the project coordinator from Poland Marcin Hościłowicz:

Third day of mobility

The third day was also very interesting. In the morning, the students worked on Arduino and recorded short videos about their impressions during the past days on mobility. In the afternoon we had a brainstorming tour of Asdpendos, Duden Waterfall and the old town of Kaleici. During the break we had a working lunch with a discussion on ICT and STEM in the classroom.



Impressions of participants:

Fourth day of mobility

At the beginning of the fourth day, we had a surprise, a short play performed by the Black Theater. It was very interesting because most of the students had never seen anything like it before. Immediately after that, we continued with the workshops. As part of the Arduino workshop, students did the following lessons: Telling the Air Temperature (LCD using), Making Simple Parking Sensor, Digital meter making, Turning the lights on and off with the IR remote control and Engine control via Bluetooth. In the afternoon, the students did a workshop: Black Theater. During the break, the students had a great time, and they had brainstorming with "penguin dance”.

 Here is what the students from Turkey said:

" I think, it was a very good project. The students were successful and we had fun. The goal was both to travel and to learn. I think we did both. "- Gökçe

"Of course, the project is something that contributes to everyone, it's a very good chance to discover new people, new culture, new places, and for example, you learn things you didn't know where you go." - Deniz


Statement of the teachers from Spain, David Piña Garcia & Luis José Rodríguez Gómez:

Fifth day of mobility
Even on the last day of mobility in Turkey, the focus was on learning through work. Students worked on more complex tasks within the Arduino workshop: Bluetooth-controlled car installation with Arduino, Robotic coding for bluetooth-controlled car and Bluetooth-controlled car race.
At the meeting with the hosts, the teachers analyzed the past few days and expressed their impressions. They discussed STEM and creative education and pointed out the importance and impact that ICT has for STEM and modern education.
In the end, the certificate was awarded to all participants in the mobility.


 Presentation of participants from Poland:
Presentation of participants from Spain:
Impressions of participants from Bulgaria:



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